Freestanding Fridges and Freezers

Bosch freestanding fridge freezers feature a cooling compartment at eye level, straight in front of you. Below, you’ll find a large freezer section too. Split exactly in the middle, you can take out your chilled goods without having to bend down.

Built-in Fridge Freezers

These built-in fridge freezers from Bosch are made to fit seamlessly into every style of kitchen. You’ll also get the ultimate comfort and fantastic functions you’d expect from a modern cooling appliance.

American-Style Fridge Freezers

Get an upright fridge and freezer in just one appliance with a Bosch American-style fridge freezer. There’s a host of features included with this amazingly sized and conveniently designed appliance. With NoFrost technology, you’ll never have to defrost your fridge freezer again – and this is only the beginning of the convenience the American-style fridge freezers have to offer.

Check what´s in the fridge - anytime, anywhere

Say goodbye to the days of standing in the supermarket trying to remember exactly what you have left in your fridge. Do you need more milk? How many eggs do you have left?

Now you can check the contents of your refrigerator wherever you are, and whenever you want, thanks to innovative Home Connect technology. Every time you close the fridge door, interior cameras take and send pictures straight to your mobile device.

The Home Connect app allows you to see exactly what items you have. You’ll never have to make multiple trips to the shops or buy food you don’t need again.

Helping You Keep the Bills Down

Even though fridges, freezers, and fridge freezers are always running, you don’t have to expect large bills. Bosch’s most efficient fridges are rated A+++ for energy usage and use approximately 50% less power than an energy saving light bulb*.

* An energy saving light bulb uses 157kwh; the KSV36AW41G uses 75kwh per year


Bosch fridges and fridge freezers are equipped with features to help keep your food fresh. For example, their MultiBox preserves your fruit and vegetables, so the flavour and nutrients are retained for a longer period. You can even control the humidity with the built-in slider – increase the humidity to keep lettuce leaves crisp, or decrease it to keep soft fruit beautifully ripe.

FreshSense: Perfect storage climate

By keeping your food in perfect conditions, it always provides the best textures – like ice cream, that shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. A consistent temperature inside the fridge keeps your food fresher and more flavoursome. Fresh-Sense sensors continuously detect and adjust the conditions of both the fridge and the freezer. This results in a stable temperature inside the refrigerator, regardless of the room’s temperature in which it’s placed.

VitaFresh Pro

Bosch’s Series 8 Built-in fridges are equipped with VitaFresh pro, their best food freshness system. By maintaining the ideal level of humidity, and keeping the temperature from -1°C to +3°C, your food can stay fresher for longer. These conditions protect all of your foods’ important features, including the aromas, vitamins, and nutrients. It’s never been easier to eat a daily healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables.

VitaFresh Plus

The Bosch Series 6 fridge freezers have everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only will you find plenty of space for all of your fresh foods, drinks, and different-sized containers, but you’ll also find cutting-edge technology for ultimate storage. Fish, meat, fruit and vegetables can stay fresher for longer, thanks to perfect conditions created by the VitaFresh Plus system. Series 6 fridge freezers provide optimal conditions for yourself, as well as your food.

VitaFresh: Enjoy freshness longer

You’ll be guaranteed the best storage conditions for all of your fresh food, frozen items, and drinks with Bosch’s Series 4 fridges – equipped with massive storage space and VitaFresh technology. Enjoying a varied, balanced diet is easy when you know your fresh goods can be stored for longer.