Intelligent Technology, Responsive Design

Enjoy exceptional performance and stunning style with AEG's range of kitchen appliances.

Thanks to intuitive technology that works in harmony with you, you'll always be one step ahead.


Discover incredible baking, grilling and roasting with AEG's multifunction oven. Whether you’re a novice cook or an accomplished chef, their ovens suit every skill set and every space.


At AEG they believe that a hob should look as good as it performs. Which is why all AEG's induction hobs are designed not just to bring out the best in your cooking, but also to give you all the flexibility you need while cooking and to look fantastic in your kitchen.


The SteamBake function adds the right amount of humidity at the start of the cooking process, allowing for better dough texture, greater rise and the perfect crust – resulting in great tasting baking results every time. When baking steam helps keep the crust soft during the first 5-10 minutes, a crucial time as the yeast is still active and the dough can expand even more than in a normal oven. When the steam evaporates the sugars on the surface caramelise for a glossy golden crust.


AEG's induction hob features Hob2Hood, which adapts to your cooking to keep your kitchen free of steam and vapours. This technology automatically turns on your cooker hood and lights when you start using the hob. The cooker hood will adjust according to the cooking levels on the induction zones.


With this oven, using energy efficiently also means cooking efficiently. It has a new convection system called Hot Air, which ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity. The result is that the oven heats up faster and cooking temperatures can be reduced by up to 20%, saving you both time and energy.

Induction Cleaning

With induction the surface around the pans stays cool as you cook, you can get rid of spills as you go along. Nothing gets burnt on and there nowhere for dirt to hide.