Euronics Customer Reviews

At Euronics, our customers are at the heart of our business

​​Our Independent Electrical Specialists are part of many local communities and high streets, and it is our passion to offer the great value and service you come to expect from an independent retailer. There are no opinions we trust more than those of our customers, the people who use our products every day.​​​

Why are customer reviews important to us?

Receiving reviews from our customers means we can track how we’re performing, well or badly, so we can continue to bring you the best possible service. (Over the past six months, 99% of our customers have said that they would buy from us again.)​​​​ 

Why we use Feefo?

Other review companies let virtually anyone post a review – sometimes with no real checks on why they’re leaving it or who they are. Not Feefo. They invite only genuine customers who have interacted with us to share their experiences. So, we can all be confident all our Feefo reviews are the opinions of real Euronics customers. This means we can understand where we’re getting things right and where we need to improve.

How Feefo works

When you make a purchase with us, we send details of the transaction to Feefo, such as your email address and order details. Feefo will then ask you for your feedback. Each reply they receive is displayed, unedited, on their website and we can use them on our website too.

Why you can trust Feefo reviews

To guarantee customer confidence, Feefo is:


In order to strive for the best, we need to be sure the feedback we receive is a true reflection of who we are. Feefo’s honesty gives us the confidence to make business decisions on what we’re told. It gives you the same confidence to decide if you’d like to shop with us


Feefo collects reviews for us and manages the scores we get. They do not allow us to change anything, so you can be confident what you read is 100% accurate.


Feefo does not allow any reviews or scores to be edited. Anything that doesn’t meet their guidelines will be rejected, protecting you from offensive and fake reviews.

How you can review us with Feefo

After you have made a purchase, you’ll get an email from Feefo with a link to leave a review. If you don’t get an invite, don’t worry. You can contact them at with proof of your purchase, and they’ll be happy to collect your review.

See how we’re doing

If you would like to see how we’re doing, visit our dedicated page here.