Liebherr Appliances

With over 65 years experience in providing premium household cooling appliances, the Liebherr brand has become synonymous with high quality, reliability, and expert German engineering.

All of Liebherr’s innovative refrigeration products are manufactured to the highest standards using superior materials. They benefit from decades of extensive research, development, and quality testing.


Liebherr's BioFresh technology stores fruit, vegetables, meat, and cheeses in optimal conditions. Produce stays fresher for longer, reducing food waste.


Everyone's least favourite chore becomes a thing of the past with Liebherr's NoFrost technology. 

Energy Efficiency 

Liebherr puts sustainability at its core, manufacturing energy-efficient appliances in Europe using progressive green manufacturing processes, high-quality materials, and climate-friendly refrigerants. 

Noise Reduction

Nobody likes a noisy appliance and Liebherr have some of the quietest refrigeration appliances on the market - with many achieving globally recognised QuietMark certification. 

Freshness Technology

Liebherr's freshness technologies are packed with innovation to ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible. 


Design Quality

Liebherr has been specialising in refrigeration for over 60 years. They manufacture  to the highest possible standards in European-based factories where German engineering is at the core of their expert refrigeration appliances. 


Liebherr's appliances enhance your experience in the kitchen. Throughout their range, you'll find ingenuity and practical features to make life that little bit easier.


Liebherr Cooling Heritage

Liebherr has spent over 60 years specialising in the art of cooling. Their expertise has led them to become one of the most trusted brands around the globe. Not just in domestic refrigeration, but also across a range of important commercial environments including top worldwide restaurants and vaccine storage.

Smart Device

Stay connected to your Liebherr appliance through their innovative SmartDevice app. You can set desired temperatures, and prepare for adding new groceries, plus many other practical features. It will even alert you if the door is left open.