Whirlpool’s stylish appliances are designed to deliver superior results in the most efficient way, by using innovative 6TH SENSE technology to do all the thinking for you. By continuously sensing, adapting and controlling your appliance, Whirlpool's 6TH SENSE ensures uncompromising results with minimal effort and resource use.


Intuitive 6TH SENSE technology continuously monitors your laundry, adapting the cycle and resources used to give you superior results, all whilst saving energy, water and time.


Whirlpool has an eye for beauty, so you can create a simple, yet sophisticated look in your kitchen. Whether you desire something deliciously tender, perfectly browned or finely crisped, Whirlpool's intelligent 6TH SENSE technology automatically adapts the cooking time and temperature, giving you the best cooking results, no matter what's on the menu. 


6TH SENSE technology automatically senses the level of food residue on your dishes and optimises resources to suit, guaranteeing low water consumption and highly efficient energy use. Forget pre-rinsing dishes, PowerCleanPro's powerful jets remove even the most stubborn, baked-on food.


Whirlpool refrigeration technologies create the perfect environment for preserving even the most delicate food using 6TH SENSE FreshControl. This clever technology keeps food fresh for longer monitoring humidity levels within the entire fridge compartment to maintain the ideal conditions.